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The things we Promise

Monetize your creativity

Get paid in advance for every project your concept wins.

Awesome Brands

Work with some of the top brands and allow us to build up your portfolio.

Meet New creators

A dedicated slack channel to share your effects and meet like minded creators.

Effects Promotion

Launch your new filter on our website and social media to the world.

Get featured

Feature your success stories with the help of our content creators,

How does it work

Drop us with your contact details and we will get started with the onboarding process.
We will send you a link to the form to get your details about the previous projects and experience.
We start building your AR creator portfolio and you start receiving projects.

Let us grow the community.


Join the Faruse: Creator Referral Program and you can earn €30 for every 3 new creators that sign-up. 

When you sign up you’ll receive your unique referral link in your inbox. 

Share the unique referral code with 3 AR creators. The more creators you invite the bigger your fee gets.

Once the 3 users have signed up, you earn €30 referral reward.

You receive the referral fee when you or one of your referrals deliver a successful project for the clients.