Ar Games

AR Games is one of the most popular tool for marketers who are aiming to increase their brand engagement.  AR Games provide a wide range of possibilities for creativity from different camera styles to selfies to moods. 


These are engaging, create a moment of ‘WOW’ for the users and have enormous power to make the brand stand out from the competition. The application use of AR Games for augmented reality marketing has tremendous benefits of being measurable, reachable to the mass audience and create a ripple effect as they are not time-bound. 

Games - Brand Engagement

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One of the important criteria for marketers who are looking to create brand awareness and achieve high growth targets is brand engagement.


The most important benefits of using AR Effects are relevancy, loyalty, and advocacy as it helps to translate emotion into engagement.

Have a look at the augmented reality examples by use case


The digital advertising market is booming and the marketers to reach out to their audience in different ways. 


AR Advertising is interactive, immersive and cheaper than print media and allows brands to use the same AR Games in different campaigns. 

Games - Advertising Campaign

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