Sparking Effects

Connecting the online and offline worlds together to create digital journeys more experiential.

We create augmented reality Content for brands to drive their marketing campaigns.

World Effects

Product visualisation on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Pinterest helps the customers to digitally use the products with almost identical point of sales precision and purchase the products directly on social media apps


Virtually try before you buy is the new shopping mantra.


Allow users to indulge in immersive brand experience and launch your next advertising campaigns. This is an effective way to reach your existing customers and create awareness to acquire new ones. 


And take our word, this is seriously, trending.  

GAME Filters

Planning on launching a contest for your campaign?


These are created to expose users to new brand promotions where they can engage but also benefit from them.


They are designed to connect and engage your clients with the brand. 


Undoubtedly, we all love Pokemon Go!

QUIZ Filters

Which kind of quiz will your users love?


They are a viral sensation and are here to stay. Display multiple products or create brand recognition.


These are exciting, creative and engaging. 


Join 100+ Brands Boosting Their Marketing Campaigns With Augmented reality


Retail Industry 

is embracing the augmented reality in various ways to interact with their customers.

Brand Engagement

Attract and engage or the pre-sale stage is an important step in the customer journey where you can make your brand stand out from the competition by giving them an AR led retailtainment experience.

Product Launch

Augmented Reality provides limitless possibilities of creating the right amount of buzz before the products hits the shelf. This takes the temptation game to another level.

Virtual Try-Ons

Virtual Try-Ons offers wide range of customised marketing strategies for brands by enhancing the shopping experience. It promotes faster decision making process among the customers reducing the time, cost and returns for the retailers.

Augmented reality Shopping

Since the launch of Instagram Check Out Feature combined with virtual try-ons many brands have taken the phygital route. Lower costs, personalised suggestions, instant sharing and higher level of interest for products are some of the benefits of AR Shopping.

Advertising campaign

AR Advertising not only has a ripple effect saving marketers thousands of dollars on sponsored posts but it is also a great way analyse the product interest and forecast demand. Create AR Tracking advertisement on on 5th Avenue in NYC or Champs-Elysees in Paris, to attract new customers.

Product visualisation

Product visualisation in different industries can help the buyers to interact with a 3D Model or customise the products as per their requirements. This is a game changer in B-2-B for display brand collection during Fashion Week clients or customers who are geographically isolated.

1 %
Customers use AR while Shopping
1 %
Said it saves time while shopping
1 %
admitted AR makes shopping more fun and exciting
1 %
shoppers would purchase more often if they used AR

platforms we love


We are here to conceptualise, design and deliver your project from A-Z and some information will be helpful in laying the building blocks of the project in right direction. 

Having a clear marketing strategy in terms of brand engagement, virtual try-on or AR Shopping will help to set a goal and guide our design team.

Audience can be segregated in terms of platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Web Effects or Brand Apps. 

The subset is understanding the target audience for the project  in terms of geography, age, etc.  

We work on strict project timelines because we understand that promotions, launches, advertisements can be seasonal and if delayed can have major impact for fashion brands. 


It is essential to have estimated date of launch of effect.  

Having a flexible budget can make all the difference. Our team is focussed to provide you with various options of possibilities within your budget.