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English Speaking Internship in Europe
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English Speaking Human Resources Internship in Europe

Human Resources is the branch of a business charged with managing its employees and overseeing relations between employers and individuals. An internship in human resources allows students to gain valuable practical work experience while also receiving academic credit towards a business degree program. An internship in human resources can be an excellent way to build your professional network, develop managerial skills and further explore career options suited to your interests, abilities and potential.

Must have excellent communication skills - oral and written. Must be self-motivated with the ability to multi-task, organize, research and analyze. Must have excellent computer skills - advanced-level proficiency in Windows systems and Microsoft Office applications; intermediate to advanced level proficiency using internet search engines. Must have strong analytical skills to interpret data and apply it effectively to solving issues—strong multi-tasking abilities with attention to detail.

Different English Speaking Human Resources Internships in Europe

are available:

- English speaking human resources interns in Germany.

- English speaking human resources internships in the Netherlands.

- English speaking human resources internships in Austria - Vienna, Linz, Graz…

- English Speaking Human Resources Internships in France – Paris, Marseille, Lyon … etc.

Categories of professional fields where English speaking human resources internships are available:

- Talent Acquisition:

Placement of employees, screening and selection of applicants for both permanent or contract positions, etc.

- Employee Relations / HR Operations Internship:

Developing policies and procedures to ensure a healthy working environment.

The interns will be placed in specialized branches in:

  • Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg… and all major German cities.

Some possible places that Human Resources Internships can be performed in Europe:

- Major headquarters of corporations.

- HR departments for different industrial sectors or companies.

- Private employment agencies.

- Public Employment Agencies

Interns also work with:

- Friendly, dedicated colleagues;

- Career development opportunities;

- Excellent remuneration packages.

Other Benefits:

- Visa support.

- Accommodations assistance, in furnished apartments or with host families (with the possibility of being provided food if needed).

- Visits to prominent local companies and exposure to a foreign culture.

Human Resources in Europe

Human resources is a professional area within an organization that focuses on the management of the employees.

A human resource department has three main tasks: recruitment, training and development, personnel placement (human resources placement) and compensation. Within these core responsibilities, HR departments are increasingly asked to perform more specialized functions such as employment law advice, employee appraisals, or even keeping tabs on working conditions for compliance with company policies and regulations. The scope of responsibility of HR departments varies between companies depending primarily on their size and corporate culture.

The importance of Human Resources in Europe is steadily growing over time because Human Resources work hard to be one step ahead when problems happen inside or outside the company (unemployment rate rises/falls; high expenses for healthcare, transportation, food or energy; new environmental issues…).

Top Companies in Europe for HR Internship

The best companies for Human Resources Internship in Europe are Adecco Group, Randstad Holding, Aon Hewitt, ManpowerGroup, Robert Walters.

Human Resources Internships opportunities in Europe are primarily available if you are interested in working as a part of the team with at least 2 years of experience (some HR offices require 3 years) in any field and area that requires good communication skills. The job also requires conducting thorough research on labour market conditions, negotiating employee benefits packages, and identifying opportunities for improving efficiency within the company's operations should be sufficient to qualify one for an internship position. If you have previous experience working in a professional environment (in any field where English was used), it will help.

Adidas AG, Siemens AG, Daimler AG, Allianz SE, Grupo Santander

Europe's most prominent and most influential companies offer internships in the following areas: market research, sales analysis and planning, distribution channel management, marketing communications and PR campaigns…etc. Also, there are available internships with human resources departments (human resources work experience) where interns can get an insight into all aspects of personnel administration, from recruitment to staff appraisals.

Intern in Europe as a Student

As a student, you can take advantage of an internship in Europe. Working and studying simultaneously is a great way to gain professional experience while completing your studies. You don't have to think about accommodation or food either as most companies offer accommodation opportunities for internships with host families.

This gives you access to different cultures and lifestyles while working in one of the biggest countries on the continent – Germany (one of the most popular destinations for interns looking to spend their free time travelling across Europe).

The benefits of European internships are enormous:

  • Work experience in a different country
  • Networking and meeting new people from all over the world
  • Gaining life-long friends

Some internships also include free tours to places like Amsterdam or London, where you have the opportunity to meet other interns as well.

The European Union is currently made up of 27 countries that together cover much of the continent. The largest and most influential economies are Germany, France and Great Britain. Other notable countries with large populations are Italy, Spain, Poland, Belgium…etc. European countries combined offer 350 million citizens – this gives an idea about how diverse Europe can be at any given moment (when it comes to culture).

Many students make their way through university without genuinely experiencing another culture, which is the perfect opportunity to get an insight into another country and learn about its history (and certainly more than just your course syllabus). If you are studying Business Management or International Relations, chances are there will be an internship with a significant European company ready waiting for you at the end of your degree.

Life in Europe as a student

It is a whole new experience: new culture, environment, lots of fun and no need to worry about money while living in Europe.

Internships in Europe are available for students or whenever you want to spend some time abroad and gain first-hand work experience in the EU.

Working hard doesn't mean missing out on all the excitement that comes from being a teenager, so if you have the chance to live and study abroad - jump at it!

List of European countries where internships are available: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany Hungary, Ireland Italy, Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Netherlands Northern Ireland Poland Portugal Romania Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden United Kingdom. 

Many international companies are located in Europe because of the availability of skilled labour and the high-quality working environment.

Internships in Europe are highly valued as they give a lot of experience for students to show on their resumes when back at home. It also provides an opportunity for cultural exchange between different countries, setting you apart from other candidates later down the line. 

If you decide to spend a semester abroad after your degree, an internship experience in Europe is just what you need. 

Best Cities to Live in Europe as a Student


This city has been attracting tourists and students for more than 1000 years. It is a vibrant student city offering many cultural activities, entertainment and opportunities to learn the French language with locals.

If you are the type of person who doesn't like big cities or live in a different country without knowing how to speak the local language, you will probably find it terrifying when you first arrive in Paris. However, once you get used to the environment (it takes about 1 month), it opens up as one of the most attractive studies abroad destinations out there.

There are two main areas where students usually choose to stay: The Paris centre. There is also another option – student residences which are available for every budget.

Many people say that Paris is the most beautiful city globally, and it is hard to disagree with them if you are there for either business or pleasure. 

It is truly a great place to study and live, especially if you love fine dining.


This city lies in the centre of Europe, which makes it a good choice for those interested in international relations or business management studies at a European university.

The capital of Hungary is one of the most beautiful cities globally with its fantastic architecture (based on French style). It offers an excellent quality of living and professional opportunities. One more thing – Budapest is one of the cheapest capitals in Europe!


Spain has lovely weather and many things to see and do during your free time when studying abroad there as a student. Barcelona is one of the major cities that attract students from all over Europe to look there.

With its fantastic weather, Barcelona is an excellent place to have an internship in Europe as it offers students nightlife all year round. 

It also has the most outstanding soccer team in Spain, which you will probably be interested in once you get there.

European internships are suitable for students from all around the world. You get to know different cultures and learn something new in a place that is probably unique for you! 

 Each year, European cities become more attractive to people who want to study abroad. An internship experience in Europe can help you decide whether learning in this country could be your future choice or not.

Also – if I were a student looking forward to my degree and post-graduate plans – I'd consider getting an educational experience abroad that would open up numerous options later on in my life. It might be one of the best decisions I ever made as it broadens your horizons while giving you some fantastic work experience at the same time. 

Final Thoughts

Internships are an excellent way for students to develop skills and gain valuable work experience while at the same time earning academic credit toward their degrees. Internships are especially beneficial for students to explore career options they may have not previously considered. When looking for an internship abroad, be sure you will enjoy working with the people and organizations involved in your chosen field of study. It is essential to select an internship that will allow you to learn and grow in your study area.