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English Speaking Internship in Europe
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English speaking education internships in Europe

As an English-speaking education and training consultant, we regularly meet with international students keen to participate in European teaching and consultancy tours. These activities help students gain experience whilst developing a better understanding of the professional industry they are soon to enter. There is a high demand for EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teachers in Italy, Spain, France, Greece, Portugal and Eastern Europe. In Prague, we helped prepare an English-speaking student from Mongolia who is now studying law. The internship involved practising law in Mongolia before the student graduated. He relived his experience by travelling to Italy to participate in one of the many English speaking conferences organized by English speaking agencies.

We also help train students in areas outside their countries of origin, where the local language is not widely spoken. This can include regions of Asia, such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines. A few weeks ago, we were part of a group travelling through eastern Europe, and we discussed the local business culture there. They were prepared to speak and conduct business in English but were often reluctant to apply for jobs or ask for more money. This situation highlighted the need for more ESL tutoring consultants who could open up these individuals' eyes to the opportunities available to them in these markets.

My role as an English tutoring consultant not only allows me to travel around the globe, meet new students and provide them with a valuable education. It also means we get to expand my area of expertise. We have a strong background in coaching and mentoring students and particularly love to help those who want to learn more about teaching English as a foreign language (TESL). Over the past few years, we have developed a powerful TESOL / TESOL test preparation program based on solid practice and proven theory. My students benefit enormously from my expert tutoring because they gain access to powerful methods and strategies that they can use in their classrooms - including exam preparation and practical work in the real world!

We also enjoy giving private classes in cities and towns where we are familiar with the culture and language. This experience gives me an understanding of how students learn and what motivates them to learn more. We enjoy spending time with my students and sharing the excitement and challenges they face every day as they complete their TESOL / TESOL tests.

As English speaking tutor, we can help my students overcome the challenges they face when they first start learning English. My role as an English speaking teacher is required by law and the requirements of my school, which requires that we teach my entire student population an English curriculum for three terms (the summer term, the winter term and the next term). In addition, we must also work within my school's schedules, which mean we must be available at a particular time in the day to teach classes. Having these responsibilities and balancing them all can be very challenging!

On top of teaching English, we also teach reading, writing, pronunciation and conversation skills. So, all the students we teach in my private classes will be receiving an education that spans the full spectrum of the English language. It is a rewarding role and one that we have enjoyed for many years. It helps me build a healthy relationship with my students and share my love of language and read with them. It is also an excellent way to help others discover the joy of the English language and the potential it holds for their future.

When we work in other countries, we can travel around and visit students who speak English. In my travels, we meet students who are passionate about English and the opportunities it offers them. They tell me about their passion for learning English and for opening up with the people they meet. This personal experience inspires me to continue to work on English speaking education and training. We are always on the lookout for passionate students, not just those looking to receive an education.

By participating in internships in Europe, we can work with and assist students from various countries. Because we live and work in multiple countries globally, we can meet with students from different times zones and cultures. We also get an opportunity to travel to new places and meet new people. We genuinely enjoy my work, and we look forward to seeing new homes and sharing my knowledge with others. We feel that my efforts are paying off - positively and negatively - each time we return to Europe to teach and work with students.