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The Netherlands, a wonderful country in Europe, is noted for its flat landscape dominated by canals, narrow windmills, scenic railways, and beautiful tulip fields. Amsterdam, the national capital, is home to The Rijksmuseum, The Anne Frank House, the former Jewish author Anne Frank. Rembrandt's famous "The Night Cafe" in the Netherlands hosts significant European painting exhibitions from various periods. A trove of artworks from artists such as Rembrandt, Vermeer, and Schiele remains at the city's old-fashioned "Canalside." Amsterdam is a gateway to the European continent because of its beautiful bridges that link Holland's island to the mainland. Amsterdam has more to offer a city with an incredible appeal throughout the year than just coffee shops and tulips.


Working in the Netherlands is a desirable proposition for both expats and natives of the Netherlands. To work in the Netherlands, you must first be aware of foreign workers' legal requirements (including Dutch work permits and Dutch visa regulations).


When you're looking to find work in the Netherlands, the possibilities are endless. You can choose to stay in the Netherlands and find a job in one of the many cities, or you can choose to live in another part of the country like Amsterdam. The Netherlands' capital, Amsterdam, has one of the best public transportation systems in the world. You can get around the city quickly by hopping onto the bicycle, metro, or taxi. Public transportation is very affordable in Amsterdam, and you'll never have to worry about going over budget.


Therefore, for many people, finding the right place to live and work in is one of the most important considerations when considering moving to the Netherlands. Working in the Netherlands may be just what you are looking for.



Work in the Netherlands as an Expat 


The majority of expats find the cost of living in the Netherlands to be very favorable. The average wage is well above the cost of living in many European countries, and working in one of the many big cities is extremely easy to do. Housing is affordable, and there is a high quality of life. One of the best things about working as an expat in the Netherlands is the Dutch people's willingness to help foreign workers. Expats are treated with warmth and favor, and the work visa process for working in the Netherlands is simplified by the high number of expat community there.


Working in the Netherlands as an expatriate poses no problems when it comes to finding a job. The large number of multinational companies operating in the country makes it possible for expats to share work. There are opportunities in almost every field, including telecommunications, telemarketing, engineering, IT, shipping, distribution, hospitality, construction, and banking. The Dutch economy is highly diversified and thrives on foreign trade. Foreign workers' skills are in high demand due to their technological know-how and the highly advanced Dutch government and public services system. 


The greatest attraction to foreigners who decide to move to the Netherlands is that Dutch culture and traditions are easy to adapt to and learn. The Netherlands is known for its tolerance for foreigners and has been home to numerous expatriates since the 1700s. Most of the foreign population that settles in the Netherlands as expats tend to integrate immediately into the community and contribute to the Dutch economy.



What's the job market in Netherland in 2021?


The Dutch Job Market in 2021 looks pretty healthy even after the coronavirus pandemic. After contracting by 5% in 2020, the economy will grow by 3.5% in 2021. The Dutch job market is one of the few expanding and will recover faster in Europe than in other countries. 


The job market is characterized by high growth rates and rapidly increasing returns. The Netherlands' growth rate has been among the fastest in Europe over recent years, and this bodes well for expats looking to move to the Netherlands or expand their business in the Netherlands. For the same reasons, the Netherlands offers excellent living conditions, low unemployment, and low taxes. Add to that ease of doing business - the Netherlands has access to many international banks, lending institutions, and trade unions, making it an attractive location for expats.


While there will always be many companies hiring throughout the year, there will always be openings that are not advertised. But you can always find them on Faruse as it is a specialized job board for English speakers. If you have a fantastic resume, industry skills, and a well-written cover letter, then 2021 will be the year for you to shine. This is what will help you stand out from the rest of the pack when it comes to applying for jobs or internships. Although it does matter what kind of job you're using, the deciding factor is the proper skills and qualifications, which are vital to get hired.


Jobs in the Netherlands for English Speakers


Are you looking for jobs in the Netherlands for English speakers? Well, it is one of the fastest-growing international career arenas today. Amsterdam and Rotterdam's most significant cities are a few of the most popular tourist destinations globally, and these two cities are home to many international and national businesses. Because of this, job opportunities in the Netherlands for English speakers are excellent. 


The best English-speaking jobs in the Netherlands are available for those who have the willingness and ability to master the language. The Dutch are very hospitable people who welcome expats and tourists from across the globe. Most expats choose the cities of Rotterdam, Breda, and Amsterdam as their choice of location. There is an influx of expats from the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France, Italy, and Germany.


For people who speak English as a native language, the opportunities are endless. Many companies in the Netherlands need English speakers. 


Finding Jobs in Netherlands for Expats


How to Get a Job in Netherlands as a Foreigner?


To begin finding work in the Netherlands, it's advisable to speak Dutch. Even though Dutch is not your primary language, it will make it easier for you to connect with potential employers or current employers. Working knowledge of both English and Dutch is also helpful.


Faruse is the perfect solution for finding online English speaking jobs in Netherlands for non-dutch speakers. Every day, there are 500+ English speaking jobs released on the job portal, which can turbocharge your job search. You can filter the search results as per your field of expertise, type of employment, or Dutch companies and directly apply on company websites to your desired position. 


The other options are the different online websites such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor. But if you are looking for a job portal for English speaking jobs in Europe or Germany, you can easily find them on Faruse. Another alternative is also to visit Dutch company job portals or attend job fairs.  


To put it as clearly as possible, you will not have much job-search success unless you know how to uncover as many international jobs as possible, act on those job leads, and then follow-up on future job postings. Job leads are essential in the job-search process, and if you are looking for jobs abroad for English speakers, you are at the right place!


What are the best cities for finding English speaking jobs in the Netherlands for foreigners?


The largest national city, Amsterdam, has a multitude of work opportunities for expats and Dutch students. A good part of the job market is provided by many international students who study in the city. Many universities and colleges offer tuition-free courses for international students. Therefore, students looking to get an education in Europe's most attractive countries have the best choice.


In The Netherlands' capital city Amsterdam, the students have access to many job opportunities they wouldn't get in their home country. Expats often choose the city to study because it offers the cultural experience and language skills that they will need once they settled down in The Netherlands. 


The second-largest city in the Netherlands, Utrecht, is also a great place to find jobs for expats and Dutch students. The third-largest city in the Netherlands, Eindhoven, has some excellent options for employment for students. International students hold almost one in every three job positions in The Netherlands.


Create a Job Search Tracker 


If you are searching for a job in the Dutch job market, it would be good to use an online job search-tracker application. You may already know that there are job-search applications available on Faruse.


The job search tracker on Faruse can provide you with job alerts and job search tips. Using the job search tracker software may also help you narrow down your search for a job. 


You will be able to narrow down the scope of your job search by applying to only those jobs that fit your qualifications, job-search requirements, and skills.


Using the job search tracker application can also ensure that you get a job fast. It can help you avoid delays caused by unending job applications. By merely making use of the job search tracker software, you can have the job in no time at all. You can track your applications' progress, see if they get accepted or rejected, and monitor their progress over time. 


Using the job search tracker software can also help you save time. Imagine you spend hours on your job search. With this, you can now use the job search tracker application to know about the latest job openings so that you do not waste your time. 


What is a job search tracker on Faruse? 


It is easy to use and handy. The job search tracker application can make your job search for a Dutch job easier and faster.


Optimize your Resume and Cover Letter


A resume is a key to getting an interview, and to make a recruiter want to read your resume, it must be well-written and presented in the manner in which you want it. There are several factors that recruiters look at when reviewing resumes, such as the keywords used to describe the position for which they are looking. 


One of the most important things to do is learn how to format the resume correctly, including all of the crucial details, including your educational background, work history, and any awards or certifications that may have been earned. The tips also recommend using standard headings and fonts, avoiding bulleted lists, and using a good layout.


When looking at a resume, they are usually focused on what the job seeker will be doing once hired. To keep a job, an applicant needs to show employers that they have the skills required. The top tips on optimizing resume formats and keywords advise avoiding using keywords in the first two sentences of the career objective instead of using the right words such as "keywords related to the position."


Besides avoiding using the wrong keywords, job seekers should also avoid writing their resumes with an active language. 


Faruse AI Resume Builder is a simple, easy-to-use resume builder that allows job seekers to create professional-looking resumes within 10 mins quickly.


Our AI resume builder is designed to make your life a whole lot easier when searching for a job. You can quickly identify the missing keywords and tailor them to the job description, improving your chances of getting it through Application Tracking Software. 


Our AI resume builder will ensure you are fully compliant with the industry standards of beating down the ATS and landing more interviews for your next job in Netherlands. 


Do not spend hours perfecting your resume and cover letter when you can customize it within 10 mins. The best part, you can create unlimited tailored resumes with life-time access. No monthly installments, sweet deal, isn't it?


Visa Requirements 


The number of expats applying for a Dutch Passport has dramatically increased in the last few years. The increase is due to several factors, but one of the main reasons is the students' requirement to have a visa to work. Several other conditions are also necessary, and one of these is the requirement for proof of residence.


Can I find a job in the Netherlands if I'm not a European citizen?


Of course. 


In addition to proof of residence, there are some more documents needed to obtain a visa to work in the Netherlands. Two of the most important are a declaration of economic or employment security produced by the employer in a Dutch work contract or work permit. The second document is a statement of intent that contains the purpose of traveling to the Netherlands and states whether the companies can sponsor foreigners to enter the country. 


The European Union, European Economic Area, or Switzerland citizens do not need residence permits or work permits. 


Apart from the newer EU member countries like Croatia, citizens need a Dutch work permit only for their first year.


Moreover, Japanese citizens who want to work in Netherlands do not need work authorization. The only requirement is to obtain a residence permit for long-term stays. 


Other foreign nationals – such as highly skilled workers, Blue Cardholders, the self-employed, recently graduated students from the Dutch Universities – can quickly obtain a residence permit that authorizes them to work.


The Netherlands immigration authorities are quick to process the work permits if all the documents are in order. To get visa applications approved, you must provide a valid passport. An original passport is needed for anyone coming to the Netherlands temporarily. It is good to have two passport photos because they can make you if you don't already have one.


If you are struggling to find the answers to your visa-related questions, you can always contact us by sending us an email, and our visa expert team will be happy to answer your questions. 


Alternatively, you can also check out some Facebook groups where people must have surfaced in a similar situation, but one should always prefer professional advice if possible. 


Online Courses & Certifications


Online courses on Faruse is an effective solution to distance learning. However, the cost of getting an online course is comparatively higher than in-person classes. Online Courses are the best solution for distance learning during job search because they allow the learner to complete the course at his/her own pace and schedule. Online courses are a beneficial and convenient learning method for individuals who want to explore more business fields and improve their current skill set.


Online Courses on of various can be of multiple types. Some of them include blended courses, project-based learning, coursework-based learning, LMS, live-tutoring, and online teaching. The classes are offered under different subjects like communication, management, sales, information systems, business, computers, and much more. The syllabus of Online courses varies.


These courses are offered free of cost so that job seekers can pursue their education and get the opportunity to improve their knowledge and skills in different areas. Some online courses provide the same quality of education as that of campus-based classes.


There are numerous paid courses that one can undertake, but at Faruse, we are very focussed on self - development and release free course worth over €1000 every month to help students and job hunters. One can take advantage of these free online courses that come with a certification and use them on their CV and Linkedin to attract potential recruiters.



Make a Job Search Toolbox


Whether you are in the United States, Australia, India, or the United Kingdom, Faruse's job-search tools and techniques can help you find a job in any country. You can also learn what companies are looking for when it comes to your particular field of expertise. Learn from the latest trends and get the information you need to stand out from the competition.


One of the best job search tools and techniques for finding jobs in the Netherlands is using Faruse. Faruse is free for all members and provides job-search tools and techniques you need to start your job search online. If you are registered on one of our plans, you will have access to their job-search tools and methods. With these tools, you can learn what employers are looking for, and you can also learn how to get yourself noticed. This is one of the best job search tools and techniques for finding Dutch jobs.


You can learn everything from what employers are looking for when hiring, what skills you have that will make you an ideal candidate for the job, and how to create a compelling resume. These job-search tools and techniques are easy to use and can be used anywhere in the world. 


If you need access, reach out to us. 


Career Counselling 


Career counseling for Dutch jobs is becoming very important. The Dutch job market in the past few years has changed a lot. Many companies have to re-evaluate their human resources departments, forcing some career counselors to start offering career counseling for students and, soon, career counseling for working adults.


One of the career counseling benefits for students is that they can consider their career options and skills before making a career decision. Students are advised to think hard about their career counseling. They are told to be honest and to list all the strengths and weaknesses of the potential career. This makes it easier for the student to understand the importance of career counseling for Dutch jobs.


A career counseling session for students and young adults offers the opportunity to discuss career goals, explore career counseling options, and make career counseling materials. The counselor can also work with the students to plan a career path, examine current career prospects, and develop new career goals and aspirations. 


Many career counseling benefits are based on the personal attention given to each student or job seeker. Students are given personal space to speak about their career goals and dreams. Besides, career counseling services can help you make and develop career plans. Our counselors are trained to provide honest and non-judgmental feedback that will help you make important career decisions.


Book a career counseling call today!


Things to Keep in Mind when searching for English speaking jobs in the Netherlands


What is a good salary in Netherlands?


In the Netherlands, especially for professionals with an average salary, it is around 3,500 Euros per month. That's not bad! But, it's not good enough, as in the rest of Europe, and you won't get a very high salary in Amsterdam if your annual performance meets the minimum requirement.


The income tax is low in the Netherlands. This is why the Dutch people can afford to pay a reasonable salary to their employees.


If you want to find out how much salary in the Netherlands you will earn after-tax, you only need to do some research online. You will find various Dutch salary calculators online, giving you a good idea of how much you will earn after-tax in your current position.



Keep Various Options Available


There are many part-time, internship, and English-speaking graduate programs in Netherlands. 


Internships are one of the most common job types. Students in the Netherlands are encouraged to participate in internships because it is an efficient learning method and provides a full-time job scope.


If you are interested in getting into an internship, you should contact your school's career center. They will assist you with the application process. Student volunteering is a popular job type in the Netherlands, as many international organizations provide valuable experience. 


Working part-time is very common in the Netherlands because there are so many opportunities for part-time work. Some examples of professions that are not part-time work are salespeople, teachers, and doctors. You may be able to find a job in these fields.


Although the above pointers can play a vital role in putting you ahead of other candidates, the primary essential aspect is your willingness, determination, and passion for the field you want to start your career. 


What is the best country in Europe besides Germany to live in for an English speaking foreigner?


The standard of living in all countries across Europe is quite remarkable. Bustling countries like Germany and France have numerous opportunities to offer foreigners searching for a wide range of English speaking jobs. 


One advantage of working in these countries is that access to Europe is easy, and one can always migrate to the Netherlands when there is an excellent opportunity. Do not hesitate to glance over the part-time and full time English speaking jobs abroad for English speakers in countries like Germany and France if you feel interested. 





An English speaker with job experience in Netherlands quickly gets hired at most companies, and it is advisable to start searching for jobs as soon as possible. Experience is one of the most critical factors in securing a good job, an experienced employee can be placed in any position, and his job responsibilities may increase. There are many job opportunities available in Netherlands; you can start with a low-paid entry-level position and rise the ladder with time. For more details on finding an excellent job in the Netherlands, talk to friends who have worked in this region or send us an email to discuss the Netherlands' job opportunities.


For students who enjoy living and working in a multicultural community, Netherlands is a beautiful country for higher education. The students also get to experience the first-hand experience of different races and cultures.


Whether you have experience in the field or not is not essential; what is necessary is that you have built a network of people and get a job. A Dutch colleague can help you out while you are on the job hunt. You can even work part-time when you learn Dutch using vlogs and walking tours. People are attracted to video blogs, so if you have built a network of people and are promoting it, you will attract potential employers and get the job experience in the Netherlands that you deserve!