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English speaking Supply Chain Internships in France


For individuals interested in pursuing a career in the supply chain industry, the opportunities to gain learning experience are vast; many English speaking supply chain internships in France are available. However, for those wishing to obtain work in this industry with no prior experience, it is best to start as a fresher and work your way up. 


How to find Supply Chain Internships for English Speakers in France?


One of the best opportunities for English-speaking supply chain students is with one of France's many pharmaceutical distribution companies. Distribution companies in France specialize in the manufacture and distribution of pharmaceuticals. Many of these pharmaceutical distribution companies have their own in-house IT teams, which allow graduates to gain hands-on experience in computer-based processes and manage a variety of inventory control systems.


Distribution companies are an excellent place for students to learn the ropes about how pharmaceuticals are produced and packaged. These internship programs will provide students with the opportunity to learn how to sort through the enormous amount of product samples during the design and development process. Interns will also learn about contract manufacturing, contract packaging, contract tracking, and even contract distribution. These skills can be applied directly to the job markets of contract manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and other service providers.


The pharmaceutical distribution industry in France is small in comparison to that of the American pharmaceutical industry. This means that students may find internships in France quite challenging compared to those in the United States. The demand for pharmaceuticals increases each year, and distribution companies depend on skilled workers to fill their workforce gaps. The need for qualified individuals is high, as many workers speak English as a second language. Many students wish to learn firsthand how pharmaceuticals are produced, packaged, and shipped. During the production process, the supply chain processes, which can be very technical, make students great candidates to work with distribution companies. For these students, working in an English speaking environment is hugely beneficial in their job search for an international company willing to promote them.


Students who are interested in logistics and supply chain management may consider studying in France. The Eurozone has become a preferred location for European students who want to obtain a degree in management and planning. France has become one of the more popular countries for international students to get a degree in accounting, finance, and business administration. 


These other exciting areas for supply chain jobs are the Defense industry, banking, infrastructure, and consumer products. Each of these areas requires its own unique work culture and workplace requirements. Students will work closely with both managers and employees to learn the most up-to-date practices and information available for success in the particular area. They will also gain valuable insight into the type of work environment most suitable for the kind of work they wish to perform.


For students interested in finance, accounting, and administration-related fields, an English-speaking supply chain internship in France may be an excellent option. Although this internship will not allow students to open their businesses, it will teach them invaluable skills to carry with them throughout their working careers. Many companies use supply chain and logistics professionals to assist with daily operations. 





However, to become successful in this career field, prospective students need to gain relevant experience while living and working in a dynamic learning environment. Learning the French language and becoming accustomed to the work environment can boost your profile among employers. There are many logistics companies in Paris in the supply chain space that can offer you the crucial industry experience.

We always advise students to read the job description in-depth to understand the responsibilities of the supply chain internship to be one of the successful applicants. It is important to incorporate the keywords in your applications to pass the ATS software and show your motivation for the placement. If you have more questions about the different steps involved in the hiring process of an organization do not hesitate to send us an email.