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Part-time Jobs > Italy

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English Speaking Part-time Jobs in Italy 

Is Italy a good place to live

Italy has been ranked among the top 10 countries by Mercer for quality of life. According to them, people who move to Italy enjoy better health care services, higher salaries and lower crime rates compared to other European nations. Also, they say that Italians lead happy lives because their country offers great opportunities for personal growth and development. They also mention that Italian culture is very welcoming towards foreigners.

How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Rome?

Renting an apartment in Rome costs between €400 – 600 per month. However, prices vary according to location, size and amenities offered. Apartments near public transportation stations tend to be cheaper than those located far away from these facilities. For example, apartments close to Termini station are generally less expensive than ones situated further out.

Is it easy to find English Jobs in Italy?

Yes, you can easily get a job as an English teacher. There are many schools and universities that offer jobs for foreign teachers. You will have the opportunity of working with students from all over Europe. The salary is usually good enough so that you don’t need to worry about money issues while living there. It is also possible to work part-time or full time depending on your preference. If you want more information regarding this topic then please visit our website Faruse.com

What should I do if my visa expires before I start teaching?

If you plan to stay longer than 6 months then you must apply for extension of your visa. This process takes around 2 weeks but you may be asked to pay some extra fees which depends upon how long you intend to stay. In case you decide not to extend your visa then you will lose your right to live and work in Italy. So make sure that you know what you are doing when applying for a new visa.

Can you get an English speaking Part-Time job in Italy if you only speak English?

No problem! This post is for you if you are an English speaking expat looking for part-time work in Italy.

In this post, I will show you where you can find English speaking part-time jobs in Italy and how you can apply for them.

Where can I find English Speaking Part-Time Jobs?

There are several opportunities for anyone who needs an income while studying or travelling abroad. However, these are not suitable for everyone, but Faruse.com has a great list of companies that offer part-time or temporary jobs:

If you speak Italian fluently, there are plenty of opportunities in Italy, especially if you have a legal resident permit (permesso di soggiorno).

What English speaking Part-Time jobs are in high demand in Italy?

Many sectors require English-Speaking part-time workers, but here are the 5 most common sectors where you can find work:

English teaching in private language schools ( scuole ) or via online sites like Italki. You can also teach at an international school ( Scuola Internazionale ) if you have a degree. 

Your chances will be far greater if your legal residence permit allows you to teach as a fully qualified teacher. If not, then it might be worth checking out some of the options listed above under "What companies hire English Speaking Part-Time Workers"

The film industry in Italy is overgrowing, and they are always looking for native speakers. You don't need to get an award at film school. Here are the options for you:

Suppose your education or legal residence permit can classify you as a set-designer, assistant director or in some other type of job that is associated with cinema/television/video. In that case, this will open more doors for you. If not there… see option 1 (English teaching) !!!

This sector also requires a lot of English speaking workers. This includes waiters, tourists guides etc.

Who should I contact for English speaking Part-Time work?

All of the companies listed above will require that you show them your CV (Curriculum Vitae) or resume along with an application form/ online questionnaire. You can send these documents as attachments via email (sempre indirizzo di posta elettronica certificate need). When applying by phone, you will prepare your CV, answer relevant questions, and ask any other pertinent questions during your interview over the phone. 

How Do I Apply For The Part-Time Job?

An application form will be provided on the company website or website if they are an agency that coordinates placements. An application form also should be provided if the employer is directly seeking candidates. It will typically include several questions about your personal history, what days you are available to work and why you want the job (they love this question). The next step involves providing some basic information about yourself like name, address, telephone number and email address.

Once they receive your resume or CV, they might contact you for further interviews by e-mail or phone.

What it's essential to Know About Part-Time Jobs in Italy?

Part-time jobs usually require "permesso di soggiorno"; if not, EU citizens can apply too but need a permit later on, which is challenging to get. Your part-time work contract must be signed. So before signing any contract, make sure you have your residence permit ready.

You cannot claim unemployment benefits even if you get fired, so it's essential to have some savings if anything goes wrong. It is very likely that because of the current situation, part-time employers will not sign a contract for more than three months. You must pay taxes on your income, and some companies might not tell you they're taking out taxes from your salary (usually at a 30% rate) unless you ask about it! So always check how much money you'll be able to take home every month after tax deductions.

Do I need professional skills?

No, not really. Italians love to have emotional people in their company, so people who are happy and positive on the job are most welcome! If you've studied a profession like IT or Nursing, this is great because it will be helpful for your CV too! 

I am a student. What should I do?

If you are still studying and looking for work experience, it's great to add your part-time job resume / CV to your educational background. For example, if you wanted to start working in the tourism sector, it would be advantageous to have worked as a receptionist or event staff since this would show that you had a good knowledge of English and customer service. Other temporary jobs like supermarket cashier/supermarket clerk/hostess can help build your CV, which is very important when applying for full-time jobs!