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English speaking administrative internships in Netherlands

Faruse continues to be an excellent resource for expats looking to fulfil their administrative assistant duties while living and working in the Netherlands. Expats who live in the small country of the Netherlands could take advantage of the various opportunities available to them. For example, being an administrative assistant in the government is not only a job that can bring much financial security, but it is also one that offers a wide range of benefits. In addition to essential services such as medical insurance, employers often can earn extra money by performing administrative assistant duties.

Administrative assistants in the public sector typically report directly to the department head in which they work. Because they have such wide-ranging duties, they are considered highly skilled professionals and receive excellent benefits. Many administrative assistants also choose to pursue higher education to improve further their chances of securing a good-paying job. This will ensure that they are always employable in the future.

Administrative assistant jobs in the private sector are also very lucrative. They are expected to know how to work within their company's organizational structure. An administrative assistant is also expected to interact and work closely with customers and clients regularly. Combining both of these skills, an administrative assistant can also find work as a business owner or manager.

There are various types of internships available for those interested in becoming an administrative assistant in the Dutch government. If one is interested in international internships, they may want to consider the English speaking Internship Program. This program is specifically designed for international students. Those wishing to participate in this four-week program must have their passport to travel outside of the country. Participants of this internship also receive a certificate.

Those who wish to secure an administrative assistant position in the Dutch government may also consider working in a corporate office in the country. By getting an entry-level administrative assistant position, the individual is required to work under the guidance of a manager. The manager's duties would include:

Managing a team of employees.

Implementing work procedures.

Communicating with other departments and other internal individuals.

  • Handling billing and accounting.
  • Interacting with external clients.

A majority of those who take on this position also elect to continue their education by pursuing a master's degree.

Applicants to English speaking administrative internships in Netherlands must have a high school diploma. Upon completion, participants can submit their certificates for translation services. English speaking administrative internships in Netherlands also requires that participants have basic computer skills.

English speaking administrative internships in Netherlands allows participants to learn about the importance of culture in the workplace through hands-on learning. English speaking administrative internships in Netherlands also works to develop professional working skills, and it introduces language skills necessary to perform well in a business setting. Students can work in various parts of the establishment by participating in English speaking administrative internships in Netherlands, including management, information systems, and accounting. Some students choose to continue their education by obtaining a bachelor's degree, while others focus on becoming certified in language skills.